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Dear participants of the WMNL strategy workshop,

Based on the work we started during the strategy workshop, here are some
specifications regarding the main next steps in the strategy development


Completing the 360° assessment: 

-          Filling out the grid dedicated to the resources inventory (Trigon
model, uploaded on google-docs). This can be done on a collective basis on
google docs. The aim of the inventory is to gain clarity on all the
resources of the Chapter in order to use them as widely as possible or
identify gaps. This can also influence aspects of the SWOT analysis, for

-          Interviewing members of target groups / external stakeholders in
order to know what their view and perception of the Chapter is. This can be
done by phone call or direct meeting.


-          Making a complete Stakeholder Analysis (listing the
external/internal stakeholders, including “negative” ones, and putting them
into the grid). This needs some discussion and argumentation and should
preferably be done during a live meeting.


Refining the formulation of the mission statements and strategic goals

-          The mission statements should be formulated in complete sentences
and in a quality that can be published. They should remain general and
visionary. This requires discussions and debate. 

How to do it? Proposals can be prepared by the small groups that already
worked on them during the workshop and refined on Google-docs, or in a live

The important thing while formulating the vision is to verify if the
sentence is a vision (long-term general goal or orientation) or a mean to
achieve it (if it answers to the question “how”). Providing projects and
activities is rather a mean than a mission, for example. The issue regarding
which membership types should be chosen is also on an operational level. The
ideas regarding the means are precious and should be kept in mind, but they
are relevant at another, more operational level. 


Clarifying terms and vocabulary

-          It would be helpful for internal and external communication to
agree on common definitions of different categories and terms you mentioned
during the workshop: users, readers/non-readers, etc. This can be done also
as a collective work.



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